Star Date: 11.26.2023
How I got To Where I Am.. Never Listening & Being Fearless 
At a young age, I watched movies that I created in my minds eye to music by folks such as Beethoven, Yanni, James Newton Howard, Philip Glass, Hans Zimmer, etc; I did it to pass the time while hanging out alone; I thought everyone did that. I consumed television and movies throughout my life and played the flute for years in efforts to be creative and stay surrounded by creativity; in fact the television set was my babysitter - as a toddler they could sit me in front and I would never move LOL. 
When I realized at 18 that I wouldn't be a master flautist (I injured my hands practicing 4 hours at a time daily; only stopping to put my hands in the freezer so I could play longer) I turned my focus to that which filled me - television, film, and all things media.
At 18, I went off to TCU to pursue a degree in TV-Radio-Film, what a rude awakening for a first generation college student.. In year 2, I couldn't afford to stay and was sent home. Feeling like I failed, I sat still..not wanting to look at a film or hear anything about film festivals; it was a kick in the tum tum. A few months later I realized that serving others was also my whole life so I joined Americorp with CityYear Seattle...that was great and then misfortune paid me a visit and I was homeless for 2 years. While homeless I discovered a perspective most should never see and yet I still helped others and dreamed of making movies while I sang Coldplay songs in the freezing cold whilst dreaming over the city skyline. 
Fast forward many years and what was held captive, my student transcript; it became mine when I afforded the massive debt TCU said that I owed. I then hightailed it over to Dallas College and pursued the Video Production & Broadcasting degree with the fire of a 1,000 suns; technically I'm a few credits short of graduating but I'll take care of it. I actually was taught so well and felt ready to establish Vanessa The Vivacious Productions not even a few months after starting school. Imagine starting your life over several times but starting over in school...15+ years later where the students are no longer your age but there's this indescribable level of gratitude and fearlessness that you get because this is quite literally your last shot!
After working with a few clients, I was blessed to become a volunteer video journalist with Are You Happy DocuSeries and it Changed..MY..LIFE! I was then brought over to Happy Productions where in just a short time, I accepted a position as Head of Production and with Are You Happy, I rose from volunteer > Discord Community Mgr > now Managing Director (second to the CEO) of Are You Happy. On the daily I oversee 3,000+ content creators, videographers, video journalists, and work with some of the finest editors, directors, distributors, PR leads, CEO's, and actors/actresses I've ever had the pleasure to know.
What about Vanessa The Vivacious & Vanessa The Vivacious Productions? Oh, honey...let me tell you!
To date I've shot 100s of short form content, develop and directed a TV pilot in project, I host & exec. produce Are You Happy podcast in addition to Vanessa The Vivacious Show podcast, I am currently directing and co-producing "Life Behind The Bar" with James Slater of Branca Room, I'm directing and producing documentary called, "I Am Kate" - it's a documentary on a young ballerina facing life decisions and a life with MS. I also have a few others in the works, check out for more info
To this day I'm still in the field filming all the time, playing music in a community orchestra of which I am the Board President & Executive Program Director (big surprise right?)
I got to where I am ( of course am nowhere near done) by never listening to a soul that contradicted my dreams and aspirations. I simply replied internally or externally " THAT'S DUMB" and went about my way. We have so much to give the world, we ALL do and it will manifest when it's time. Don't be jealous of the guy or gal moving faster than you...your path is yours and be thankful and humble to have a path regardless of what it is. I have always lived boldly because I've also nearly died several times and I know what it means to appreciate every moment on this earth. I implore you to connect with your fellow humans, never give up on what it is that lights you on fire, don't listen to those who say you can't and let yourself be supported by those who say you SO can! We have but this one life..make it count. 
Yours in creativity & humanity,
-Vanessa The Vivacious
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